Refresh Kibana Mapping


Refresh Kibana mapping

We will cover more information about this topic during our course about Parsing, but here's what you need to know for now.


Why would you use the Refresh Kibana mapping button?

If you can't find fields when trying to create Visualizations, try clicking this button.

Kibana visualizations can only be created with fields that are indexed in Kibana index, which is a separate index than the one your data is stored in. Whenever a new field is added, you need to manually refresh Kibana's mapping. 

TIP: Can't find fields in the "Available fields" list in the "Discover" tab?

This list contains only the fields that are in the top 500 results of your search. Therefore, your fields might be in Kibana, but wouldn't appear in the list.

In this case, try to narrow your search by using:

  • A more specific query
  • Filters
  • A narrower time setting