Customizing and Saving your Searches

It is probable that you are going to be doing regular searches about the same thing over and over again, or maybe other members of your team will want to search and filter the same things that you do as well. So saving your searches will come very handy...

However, before covering the basics around saving your searches, let's review one last feature of the Discover tab: Adding Field Columns to the Document Table so you can customize your view beforehand.

There are two ways of doing that:

  • Adding directly from the Available Fields or after expanding the Document's field data.

  • Once desired fields have been added to the Column, you can easily manipulate them to create the exact view you want 

  • Now that you have customized your Document view, you are ready to save it:

  1. Click Save in the Kibana tool bar
  2. Enter the name for the search and click Save
    1. Tip: Prefix each of Search with a Log Type, or Team Name, since all Saved Searches will be visible to all members in the account e.g “[Log Type] - [Search name]” or “[Team Name] - [Search name]”
  3. Click Open in the Kibana tool bar to find your saved Searches
  4. Click Share in case you need to share a Saved Search or Snapshot