Parsing as a Service

So, some of your data is not parsed, and you're not familiar with Grok or don't have time to handle it yourself? No worries, offers Parsing-as-a-Service, and our support team is here to help.


In order to parse your logs and enrich your data, we'll need the following information:


  • sample of the logs, preferably 100 lines or more (see below on how to export them)
  • An explanation of how you would like the logs parsed (field names, geoIp)
  • The time zone of the timestamp in the log
  • The log type you're sending us (e.g., apache_custom, app-name, etc.) 

Attach your sample logs to an email and send it to, or start a chat with our with support team by clicking on the Chat Bubble in the bottom corner of

Note: If you decide to send us your sample logs by using the "Export" option within, make sure to filter your log type, as shown in this video: