Import/Export - Saved Searches, Visualizations and Dashboards

Maybe you were hosting your own ELK and now want to import your Saved Objects, or maybe you just want to make sure that you have a copy of all of your Saved Searches, Visualizations and Dashboards. Regardless of the case, let's go over how to get it done:

First, let's go over how to export your Searches, Visualizations and Dashboards from Kibana.  

As you can see, this will export a JSON file with all your Saved Searches, Visualizations and Dashboards. We also recommend "Export Everything" to ensure that you will have all your objects, in case of any dependencies.

Important: before importing anything into Kibana, please make sure that the relevant logs are already shipped to, all Parsing has been applied, and that the Kibana mapping is refreshed.

Once we have confirmed all of the above, we're ready to Import:

NOTE: If any Visualization or Dashboard did not import, the issue is likely a field that is referenced in the Object but not indexed within