Advantages of defining Type

What do I gain by properly using Type with applies parsing rules to your logs based on the value of a log’s Type field. This makes it easy to update or change your parsing rules and to ensure those rules will be applied to the correct logs.

Defining log types has other benefits, such as: 

  • can parse some common log types out of the box and provide you with a richer logging experience.
  • The Parsing Wizard makes use of the Type field if you want to parse logs yourself.
  • Our support team provides Parsing as a Service which is greatly assisted by the correct usage of Type.
  • Our Billing page shows you a breakdown of usage by Type
  • Our Alerts page filters fields that are available by the Type
  • Our ELK Apps (for pre-built Visualizations and Dashboards) identifies your logs by Type
  • Our Insights will label your logs by Type