Encryption during Shipping

Do you provide encrypted log shipping methods?

Most shipping methods can be configured to send data securely to Logz.io. Information on configuring secure shipping can be found in the relevant documentation for each shipping method. By default, shippers that are built and maintained by Logz.io send data securely.

You can look at the URL to confirm information is sent to HTTPS, plus many of our shippers will require that you download our certificate.


Who has access to the encryption key?

For data-at-rest encryption Logz.io relies on AWS encrypted EBS. AWS uses AWS KMS under the hood to encrypt EBS volumes.

For encryption in transit, we use SSL and the customer needs to use the server key to ship data to Logz.io. Our encryption processes and controls are clearly described in our SOC-2 Type 2 report and they are annually audited by E&Y as part of the SOC-2 process.


Additional reading: Logz.io Security and Compliance.