Pre-Configured Log Types provides built-in parsing and data enrichment for the log types listed below.

For example, we will add "Geo-location" fields to your data.

This table shows the built-in types supported by the platform. Extra customization can be added as required (more details about parsing will be covered during our next course): 

Description Type
Nginx Access logs nginx , nginx_access , nginx-access
Nginx Error logs nginx-error
Apache Access logs apache , apache_access , apache-access
Elasticsearch elasticsearch
Nagios nagios
HAProxy haproxy
Monit monit
Mysql mysql
Mysql Error logs mysql_error
Mysql Slow Query logs mysql_slow_query
Mysql Monitor logs mysql_monitor
GPFS gpfs
MongoDB mongodb
Microsoft IIS iis
AWS CloudFront  cloudfront
AWS VPCFlow vpcflow
AWS CloudTrail cloudtrail
AWS ELB  elb
AWS S3 Access S3Access 
OSSEC ossec
Jenkins jenkins
Route 53 route_53