Starting with the Basics

So, let's start by reviewing some basics about creating Visualizations.

Then we will further dive into the different visualization types available.

Once in the Visualization Tab, you are able to create a new Visualization by clicking "+ Create a visualization" or simply the "+" button, otherwise, choose an already created Visualization from the list. 

If you choose to create a new Visualization, you will then be given the option to choose the Visualization type from the image below:

As mentioned, we will be covering some of the Visualization types during this course, but for the sake of simplicity, we will be using the Pie Chart during this example.

Once the Visualization type has been chosen, you will then choose your Search Source, between your whole Index or a Saved Search.

Once the Search Source has been chosen you will then be taken into the Visualization Builder, where you can customize your Visualization to your linking:

Now, let's dive into individual Visualizations and how to customize them...