Put it all together

We have learned to create a variety of Visualization, and it is now time to put it all together.

Visualizations are a great way to display your data and better understand trends with a specific set of information, however, for you to be able to correlate all of the data in your environment, you will want to create Dashboards.

So let's review the basics on how to create a Dashboards, then we will dive into some specific scenarios on how other clients, and even Logz.io Developers, leverage this feature of the tool.

Once in the Dashboard Tab, you are able to create a new Dashboard by clicking "+ Create a dashboard" or simply the "+" button, otherwise, choose an already created Dashboard from the list. 

From here, just start adding Saved Visualizations and Searches to your Dashboard, arrange and resize them to your liking and you are basically done. Save the changes and it is ready for use.

Now, let's dive into adding and editing the Dashboard...